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Event Deck Ultimate Form hero from Celtic Creed - the first Weekly Event in Season 5.3 Solar Ascension

Affinity Water Water
Event Skill Slayer Slayer 6x
Type Immortal Killer Immortal Killer 9x
Class Attacker Attacker
Generation Generation 3 3
Role UF Ultimate Form
Codex # 3716

Tuath De

The gods and goddesses of Danu rarely crossed paths, only doing so to prevent calamity. Yet in their quest for survival, unity was a necessity when defeat spelled out certain doom.

Symbol.Slayer.70.png 6x Slayer
x5 Damage in Slayer Events
Symbol.Slayer.Water.25.png Leader Skill: Advanced Water Slayer Might IV
300% Damage and 600% HP for all Water Slayer Heroes
Symbol.Meteors.25.png Battle Skill: Danu's Blessing
Cleanses all debuffs from Water Slayer Heroes. If there are no debuffs, heals for 8,000% Hero RCV instead
Charge Rate: 9 Gems.
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Symbol.Fist.25.png Passive: Four Treasures
Creates 12 Water Power Gem VIs and increases Water Slayer ATK by 30% for 1 turn
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Symbol.Meteors.25.png Passive: Long Handed Law
On attack, dispel all enemy buffs. If there are no buffs, then delay all enemies' turn by 1.
Cooldown: 5 Turns
Symbol.Type.Immortal.25.png Immortal Killer III+
Increases Water Slayer Damage by 900% while Immortal enemies are present.
Only the Most Powerful Immortal Killer effect on each hero will apply.
Symbol.Slayer.Water.25.png Empowered Water
This Hero is Empowered and does 10x Damage against Fire Enemies instead of the standard 2x
Symbol.Type.Immortal.25.png Passive: Immortal Killer Intensity Generation
Increases Immortal Killer Intensity by 5 per turn
Symbol.Slayer.Water.25.png Ultimate Water Slayer Harmony
This Hero gains 25% ATK and RCV for every other Water Slayer Ultimate Hero on the team, and increases all Water Slayer HP by 25%

Guild War PWR: ???
Symbol.Poison.25.png Defender Skill: Poison VI
Chance Each Attack to apply a Poison VI Debuff on up to 4 heroes for 3 turns.
Poison Debuff: Deals flat damage based on caster's ATK to the target at the end of every turn.
Symbol.Dispel Traitor.25.png Counter Skill: Dispel Traitor VII
Chance to remove Traitor Debuff from all allies.

Gem.Water.0.150.png Water Affinity
+100% bonus damage against fire heroes
-50% damage against earth heroes

Tuath De (3 pink stars)