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Event Deck Ultimate Form hero from Scrapyard Scramble - the fourth Weekly Event in Season 5.4 Fallen Pharaoh

Affinity Light Light
Event Skill Slayer Slayer 6x
Type Chaotic Killer Chaotic Killer 9x
Class Attacker Attacker
Generation Generation 3 3
Role UF Ultimate Form
Codex # ???

Track Masters

In the end, no one racer could take on the foul machinery of the Dread Treads, yet hope was not lost. The racers found hope in the same thing that brought them together originally, the Scrapyard community. With all the racers pushing together, they were able to drive the tank off the tracks, gracing the Scrapyard with just one more, high profile wreck.

Symbol.Slayer.70.png 6x Slayer
x6 Damage in Slayer Events
Symbol.Sword.25.png Leader Skill: Advanced Light Slayer Might IV
300% Damage and 600% HP for all Light Slayer Heroes
Symbol.Armor.25.png Battle Skill: Loco Motion
Creates 8 Light Power Gem VIs. Increases Light Slayer ATK by 80% for 4 turns. Become immune to enemy attacks for 1 turn.
Charge Rate: 9 Gems
Cooldown: 4 Turns
Symbol.Compass.25.png Foghorn Flash
At the start of battle, creates 6 Light Power Gem VIs.
Symbol.Sword.Round.25.png Chopper Chomper
Whenever this hero attacks, Sparkplug unleashes a Bonus Attack at the end of the turn for 50% of the main attack and creates 6 Light Power Gem VIs.
Symbol.Haste.25.png Passive: Haste
This hero starts the battle with its Battle Skill fully charged and 20% increased ATK for 1 turn.
Symbol.Type.Chaotic.25.png Chaotic Killer III+
Increases Damage by 900% while Chaotic enemies are present.
Only the Most Powerful Chaotic Killer effect on each hero will apply.
Symbol.Slayer.Light.25.png Empowered Light
This Hero is Empowered and does 10x Damage against Fire Enemies instead of the standard 2x
Symbol.Type.Chaotic.25.png Passive: Chaotic Killer Intensity Generation
Increases Chaotic Killer Intensity by 5 per turn.
Symbol.Slayer.Light.25.png Ultimate Light Slayer Harmony
This Hero gains 25% ATK and RCV for every other Light Slayer Ultimate Hero on the team, and increases all Light Slayer HP by 25%.

Guild War PWR: 7,337
Symbol.Panic.25.png Defender Skill: Panic VI
Chance Each Attack to apply a Panic VI Debuff on 1 hero for 5 turns
Panic Debuff: Target has less time to make gem matches
Symbol.Dispel Power Gem Silence.25.png Counter Skill: Dispel Power Gem Silence VI
Chance to remove Power Gem Silence Debuff from all allies.

Gem.Light.0.150.png Light Affinity
+100% bonus damage against dark heroes
-50% damage against light heroes

Track Masters ★✭✭✭✭✭