• We have a very active, dedicated core group. We're presently shaved down to that core group and looking for players who enjoy the challenge of team cooperation. We have just a few rules. #1 Participation in GvG is absolutely required. #2 If you don't sign in for 7 days without letting us know you've got other responsibilities, we assume you have quit and will remove you from the Guild. We have no problem supporting you if your job or family needs you, just let us know. We've lost patience with people who just drop out without letting us know they've quit and we had to put in a time limit. #3 Language is PG 13 because we welcome all ages. #4 Be ready to support your fellow teammates with information or moral support. We enjoy helping new players along but we really need some seasoned players as well. We are easy going without big egos affecting our game play.

    The Spartans have been recreated over and over. Like the Spartans of old, our members have learned the hard way and we've developed a good sense of humor about it. The present council had the Guild dropped on us when we were brand new players so we've had to learn to play while we also learned to run the Guild. We continue to learn and grow and would love to have you come join our family.

    Our goal is to move up the leaderboards. We've done amazingly well as a small Guild but now we'd like to have a bigger family. So search out the Spartans and join a group who haven't forgotten that this game is supposed to be fun as well as competitive :-).

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