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A fan favorite of many, in PvP you fight directly against rival's players teams and climb to the top.
There are five parts to PvP: PvP Relics, Climbing Towers, Battle & Stealing, Revenge, and the Event Store.

PvP Edge Relics

Destroy your opponents using new Marksman and Guard Relics.

Guard Relics

Guard Information Preview
Guard Relics, which can only be equipped on PvP Defenders, places a protective shield on your Defenders. This shield will greatly reduce damage to your Defenders while it is active. The Guard shield has charges, which increase as you upgrade your Guard Relic. Once all the Guard shield’s charges are consumed, attackers will do full damage to your Defenders. Some Guard Relics only apply to certain affinity heroes, so build your team carefully to maximize charges of Guard.
PvP Guard Icon.png

Marksman Relics

Marksman Information Preview
Marksman Relics, which can only be equipped on PvP Attackers, allow you to break through your opponent Defender’s Guard. As long as your opponent has Guard, Marksman Relics generate a Marksman Gem on the board every turn for every applicable hero, up to a maximum of 5 Marksman Gems per turn. Marksman Gems can spawn over any random gem. Matching a Marksman Gem will reduce an opponent’s Guard by the number of charges on the Gem. For example, a 20x Marksman Gem will reduce an opponent’s Guard by 20 when matched. Once the Defender’s Guard has been broken, Marksman Gems will no longer spawn and your attackers will do full damage. Some Marksman Relics only apply to certain affinity of heroes, so build your team carefully to maximize Marksman Gems.
PvP Marksman Icon.png

Climbing Towers

In this event, you will fight other players’ Defender team in a timed, head to head battle. Each battle takes place on a Tower that determines the properties of the fight. Defender teams get buffed based on what tower you fight them on; the further into the tower progression you are the greater the harder the opponents you will face and the greater rewards you will earn upon victory.

The Towers

The main section of the event. You start with ten keys, with a key replenishing every hour. You start off at a tower, with a certain number of players. Later towers will feature more player to beat per tower. The middle and top of every tower will yield special rewards, such as more keys or solo trophies. Once you start a tower, you have a limited time to finish it. Losing any battle will result in you starting over the tower and accumulating one strike. Not finishing a tower in time will also lead to a strike. Three strikes, and you will move down to the previous tower.

When you start a tower, you are matched against people of your trophy range (not deck power rip). You have the option of using a single key, or using 3 keys and attacking at double strength.

As you have a larger and faster regenerating key pool, its not a bad idea to use 3 key attacks a little more freely. Oftentimes, you will go against opponents with stronger decks than you, so a 2x multiplier will greatly help.

You start with a max of 2 skip tokens, which slowly regenerate. You can use a skip token to find another opponent on a tower if he is too strong for your current deck. I would save these for the later stages of a tower, when you might not have enough keys to make a 2x attack.

Opponents can equip rings, that increase the defender's power and also activate guard. Guard places a shield on all defenders that greatly increases their defense. Guards have varying strengths, indicating how many bolts are needed to break them. Guards can be broken by marksman bolts.

Crossbows will create marksman emblems on random gems when guard is detected. When gems with marksman emblems are matched, they launch bolts at the opponents guard. Once the shield is broken, you can attack the cards at full power. A crossbow could spawn 2x marksman values, up to 9x values. This indicates how many guard points each launched bolt will remove from the shield. If you are unfortunate enough to not have a crossbow, you can use a scroll for a single fight. Scrolls act as a crossbow, but are single use and vanish after a single battle.

Each successful fight will move you up a tower, and yield solo and guild trophies. If you defeat 3 out of 5 cards of an opponent, you win the fight, and gain the rewards. However if you elect to continue, and successfully defeat all 5 cards, you gain an additional trophy bonus.

Tower Information Preview
Each tower is made up of a number of floors. On each floor you'll face an opponent's Defenders. Your opponents are found based on Solo Event point totals.

Any opponent you face should have a point total close to yours. If you defeat your opponent, you collect your rewards and proceed to the next floor of the tower. If you lose, you will get a loss and restart at the bottom of the tower. Certain floors have big bonus rewards that you can see on the tower - defeat the opponent to gain your standard rewards and the bonus. If you defeat the final floor of the tower, you will get the big bonus waiting for you at the top and proceed to the next tower.

Each time you are defeated you will get a loss. If you run up 3 losses, you will be demoted to the previous tower to face easier opponents. The only exception is the first tower of the event. As there is no lower tower to be demoted to, a lose will always restart you on the bottom of the tower.

Once you defeat the first opponent of a tower it will start your streak timer. You have that much time to initiate your next tower battle, or else you will incur a loss and either start over at the bottom of the tower or get demoted to the previous tower.

PvP Tower.png

Battle & Stealing

When you attack an opponent on the tower, you will face their Defenders in a five wave battle. The rules of engagement are similar to battles in Guild Wars - the enemy will attack after every one of your turns and use Defender Skills to even the odds. The wrinkle is that each battle will be timed - you lose if you either run out of time or hit points.

Battle & Stealing Information Preview
To win the battle, you only need to defeat 3 of the enemy's defenders. But if you defeat all 5 of their Defenders, you will also steal a percentage of their Solo and Guild trophies. If another guild is ahead of you on the leaderboard and you face one of their guild members in battle, make sure to go for a 5 kill victory so you can steal their trophies and potentially drop them down in the leaderboard rankings!

If you get knocked out during a Tower battle, you have one opportunity to use a continue. When you see the option to continue, you can choose to do a regular or boosted attack. If you're a few Defenders from victory and want to keep your win streak going, you can bump your team up to a boosted attack! If you're just a few hits away from taking out their last Defender, maybe you'll choose to do a standard attack without a stat boost.

If you're matched up against an opponent that is too hard for you, you can spend a currency to find a new opponent. This currency will recharge over time, but if you are using the find new opponent feature a lot you can get more with gems.

Make sure to set the best Defender team possible! Players near you on the leaderboard will face your Defender team in battle. if you win, we'll send event points as a Defender Reward to your inbox! If you lose, the opponent can steal your trophies and knock you down the leaderboards!

PvP Battle.png
Note 1: If you are not in a guild, you will not steal trophies from the opponent on knocking out all 5 defenders. Instead, you will get a token gift of solo points from the house.
Note 2: When you add up everyone in the PvP guild's points it will not equal the number of points shown in the Top Guilds tab. The individual leaderboard (Your Guild tab) shows all the individual points each person has earned so far in the event. Points are not deducted from this leaderboard when points are stolen.The guild leaderboard (Top Guilds tab) shows the total guild points and does reflect points that have been stolen via revenge etc.


Any time you steal from your opponent, it puts a target on your back. So long as they are in a guild, the opponent or their guild mates can challenge you to a Revenge battle to try and steal those points back.

Revenge Information Preview
You have two revenge tokens that replenish over time, which you can use to attack opponents. You can use 1 token for a normal attack, and 2 for a double attack bonus. Defeated opponents yield solo and guild trophies. If you successfully defeat all 5 heroes, you gain an additional trophy bonus.

After defeating an opponent, you will show up as a target on their Revenge list. This is a shared list of all players in the guild. They will see one target entry for each time trophies were stolen from a member of the guild. Each target has a timer running on it, just like raid bosses. If the timer runs to zero the target escapes and you cannot recover stolen trophies.

Each Revenge target can only be attacked once by any member of the guild. As soon as a target is attacked, they are removed from the guild's target list. So make sure to play strategically and only attack those targets you are confident you can defeat.

Just like a tower battle, you can use a standard or boosted attack. And just like a tower battle, you get once chance to do a standard or boosted continue if you're knocked out. However, since the target defeated all 5 Defenders in order to steal, you must defeat all 5 of their Defenders in order to recover stolen trophies.

If you beat a Revenge target, the solo and guild trophies are returned to the guild mate they were stolen from. Additionally, you will get a Revenge bonus as thanks for recovering the stolen trophies.

Note: If you are not in a guild, you will not be able to get revenge on those players who steal points from you.

PvP Revenge Icon.png

Event Store

The event store is largely gem-based, so not much for free-to-play players here.

Event Store Information Preview
There is one item of utmost importance however. Every 24 hours, you can buy 5 sets of 3 pvp keys. This obviously comes in handy in later towers, where there are many players per tower and the players tend to be more formidable. These keys are bought at 100 honor each, so save up your honor.
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