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Event Deck Master Collection hero from Pirate's Pride - the second Weekly Event in Season 5.3 Solar Ascension

Affinity Dark Dark
Event Skill Commander Commander 5x
Type Arcane Killer Arcane Killer 8x
Class Attacker Attacker
Generation Generation 3 3
Role MC Master Collection
Codex # 22440

Captain Saltmane

Legends say Captain Saltmane was born a captain, hat on head and hook in hand. At sea, his roar can be heard for miles, and signals only one thing: surrender your loot, or walk the plank.

Symbol.Commander.Purple.25.png 5x Dark Commander
Places one 5x Dark Commander gem on the board during Commander events. Matching the gem empowers all Dark heroes' attacks.
Symbol.Commander.Dark.25.png Leader Skill: Advanced Dark Commander Might IV
300% Damage and 600% HP for all Dark Commander Heroes
Symbol.Fist.25.png Battle Skill: Raise Morale
Increases Dark Commander DMG by 80% for 3 turns.
Charge Rate: 9 Gems.
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Symbol.Compass.25.png Passive: Roaring Boarding
On attack, creates up to 6 Dark Power Gem VIs, one for each attacking Dark Commander.
Symbol.Type.Arcane.25.png Arcane Killer IV
Increases Damage by 800% while Arcane enemies are present.
Only the Most Powerful Arcane Killer effect on each hero will apply.
Symbol.Commander.Dark.25.png Empowered Dark
This Hero is Empowered and does 10x Damage against Fire Enemies instead of the standard 2x

Guild War PWR: ???
Symbol.Gem Silence.25.png Defender Skill: Gem Silence VI
Chance Each Attack to apply a Gem Silence VI Debuff on up to 5 heroes for 3 turns.
Gem Silence Debuff: Skills that transform or upgrade Gems are silenced for targeted heroes.
Symbol.Dispel Dodge.25.png Counter Skill: Dispel Dodge VI
Chance to remove Dodge Buff from all enemies.

Gem.Dark.0.150.png Dark Affinity
+100% bonus damage against light heroes
-50% damage against dark heroes

Captain Saltmane ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐