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Event Deck Main hero from Flight of the Eagles - the first Weekly Event in Season 5.6 Cleansing Waters

Affinity Water Water
Event Skill Commander Commander 4x
Type Immortal Killer Immortal Killer 4x
Class Attacker Attacker
Generation Generation 3 3
Role MH Main Hero
Codex # ???

Anthem Skysong Full Art

Anthem has always traveled the land, spreading a clear message of freedom and tolerance. When the Great Eagles caught wind of this message, they quickly moved to invite her into their order. Now, as the only human amongst her winged brethren, she flies among them atop an eagle's wings, spreading her message further and wider than ever before. Now, her own songs have become one with the cries of the Eagles in the defense against Terminus, for a world enslaved is one without song!

Symbol.Commander.Blue.25.png 4x Water Commander
Places one 4x Water Commander gem on the board during Commander events. Matching the gem empowers all Water heroes' attacks.
Symbol.Sword.25.png Leader Skill: Advanced Water Commander Guild IV
400% Damage and HP for all Water Commander Heroes in GvG attacks.
Symbol.Compass.25.png Battle Skill: Freedom Dive
Creates 5 Water Power Gem IVs now and at the start of the next 2 turns.
Charge Rate: 9 Gems
Cooldown: 3 Turn
Symbol.Fist.25.png Passive: Inspiring Cry
Gives a 20% DMG buff to the first hero each turn to activate their battle skill.
Symbol.Type.Immortal.25.png Immortal Killer II
Increases Damage by 400% while Immortal enemies are present.
Only the Most Powerful Immortal Killer effect on each hero will apply.
Symbol.Commander.Water.25.png Empowered Water
This Hero is empowered and does 10x Damage against Fire Enemies instead of the standard 2x.

Guild War PWR: 5,108
Symbol.Weaken.25.png Defender Skill: Weaken VI
Chance Each Attack to apply a weaken VI Debuff on up to 5 heroes for 3 turns
Weaken Debuff: Reduces Attack of target and silences any skill that increases Attack or Damage.
Symbol.Dispel Dodge.25.png Counter Skill: Dispel Dodge VI
Chance to remove Dodge Buff from all eies.

Gem.Water.0.25.png Water Affinity
+100% bonus damage against fire heroes
-50% damage against earth heroes

Anthem Skysong ✭✭✭✭ Anthem Skysong ✭✭✭✭✭ Anthem Skysong ✭✭✭✭✭✭